Bringing heat to St Elizabeth’s Church, Ashley

In late 2015 we were contacted by a church in a local village, St Elizabeth’s Ashley, who in their 130 year history had never had a central heating system. They did have some heating in the form of an expensive to run, poorly designed electric wall heaters but they told us that in the winter months the temperature inside could often be colder than outside. They were ready for some proper heat!

We pitched for the job against specialist church heating companies and we were thrilled to be the company appointed to work on the project. We knew we could install a system that would meet all their needs and stop those teeth chattering during their hymn singing. The church had a wedding booked in for a few weeks time and so we knew we need to have the new system installed for then. So we set to work…

We cascaded two 30KW Worcester Bosch boilers together using a Worcester Bosch Low Loss Header and created two separate heating zones. We fit a lot of Worcester boilers as an accredited installer and so had great confidence their products would do the job.

The two 30KW Worcester Bosch boilers cascaded together using a Worcester Bosch Low Loss Header

Interestingly the church, had limited wall space and no space for radiators so we plumbed in a network of finned tubed emitters underneath the pews.

We sourced someone locally to make the emitters to order and was glad to be able to use another independent business to make them for us. Later we had then covered with made to order powder coated steel covers, again supplied locally. They looked great and didn’t cause any great change in the look of the church which was important.

The tubed emitters being prepared for installation


Tubed emitters in place around the sides of the church

The church had never had a gas supply either so we helped with the dig and installed a new main across the church ground, liaising with the gas board to get them connected.

As it had always been so cold in the church, they had never been able to use the space for any other purpose but there was a desire by them to hold classes and meetings in the space. We recommend we zone the church so that when they did hold classes etc they could be economical about what areas they were heating.

We were also able to integrate the use of smart heating controls in the form of a Honeywell Evo Home system. Again this is another product we have installed numerous times and we knew it would be really useful to the people on the church committee to have.

The Honeywell evohome smart heating thermostat allows the parish to control the heating from their phones

We held tutorial sessions with committee members, most of whom are in their 60s and beyond and they were easily able to grasp how it worked. They loved that they could use the iPhone app to check the temperature in the church and adjust it from home if necessary.

Honeywell evohome thermostat controller in-situ on the church wall

As the project happened over a couple of weeks, we had to ensure that every weekend we put the church back together and made sure it was clean and tidy for their weekend congregation. We really pride ourselves on ensuring every job we do that we are respectful of the surroundings and leave things as we found them. This meant numerous Friday afternoon hoovering sessions down the aisle.

We are really proud of the project because the feedback from the church has been brilliant. They are thrilled with the system and feel like they now have a much more amenable and usable space. In addition to being warm during their services their ambition to make the venue multi purpose had been realised. They now hold numerous classes and meetings there.



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