Four tips to get your house energy ready for winter

As we firmly move into autumn, the team at Seven Plumbing & Heating wanted to share four top tips to get your home ready for colder weather.

Get your boiler serviced 

Make sure you have had your boiler serviced. If it has been properly serviced recently there is much less of a chance you will run into problems with it when the weather turns colder. Autumn is a great time for a service. We get really busy in the winter months dealing with breakdowns and lots of new boiler installations which can make booking in services tricky at times so our advice is to ideally get it booked in before winter.

It is worth mentioning that you should also look to have appliances like wood burning stoves serviced too.

Consider installing a smart thermostat 

Installing a smart heating system is a proven way to save money on your energy bills. By installing a system such as Honeywell evohome, Worcester Bosch Wave or Nest you’ll be able to easily control the heating from your home even when you are not there. This means that you will never need to heat your home, or areas of your home when you don’t need to. You can read more about each of the Smart Heating systems we install on our Smart Heating Controls page.

Make sure pipes are lagged 

Freezing and bursting pipes can cause big disruption during the winter months. Pipe lagging is a special type of insulation fitted around water pipes. It keeps heat within them and so it’s useful for both saving energy as well as preventing pipes from freezing or bursting. You should make sure you lag any uninsulated pipes exposed to unheated areas such as garages and lofts.

It is also useful to know where your home’s stopcock is. In general, most homes have an internal stopcock and an external stopcock. The external one will be located just outside the boundary of your house. It will have a metal cover that is clearly marked ‘water’, ‘w’ or ‘stopcock’. The internal stopcock location can vary from property to property. Usually, they are under kitchen sinks, by the gas meter or in a bathroom or utility room. If you can’t find yours it would be a good idea to ask a neighbour where theirs is.

The last thing you want if you have a leak caused by a frozen burst pipe is to be running around looking for the stopcock.

Make sure you are on the best Energy Deal 

This is the simplest thing we can all do to ensure we are on the best tarrif for our energy usage. The switching process is now so much easier than it used to be and with so many energy comparison sites around like Uswitch it is a no-brainer.

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