Smart Heating Controls

What makes a ‘smart’ thermostat so smart?

Instead of basic on/off and temperature control a smart thermostat allows you manage every minute of your home’s heating schedule from a phone, tablet or computer.

And while many thermostats have been offering daily on/off control for years the apps make it quicker and more intuitive.

They allow you to create a heating schedule specific to you and the needs of your home. Importantly they allow you to control what is going on with the heating in your home from where ever you are. They can also integrate with other smart technology in your home.

It is proven the installation of smart heating controls allows you to reduce bills and lower energy usage.

There are a number of different smart heating control brands we regularly install across homes and businesses:

Honeywell evohome

evohome is a sophisticated heating system that ensures you can create and individually control up to 12 heating zones in domestic properties and will also control your hot water.

evohome is suitable for any home with a hydronic (wet) central heating system. Zoning solutions can be designed for even the simplest of property layouts and is ideal when looking to control temperatures in larger properties such as: family homes, homes with business use and small offices. It can also be used with underfloor heating systems.

With touchscreen control, the customer can quickly gain control of exactly where and when the property should be heated. Remote access is provided via a tablet or smart phone.

We are a Honeywell evohome accredited installer and as a plumber in Altrincham regularly install the system in local homes and businesses.


We have been fitting Nest since it launched in 2010, and the original smart thermostat is now on its third generation. With a motion detector, three temperature sensors, and a humidity gauge Nest monitors whether you’re home and how warm you like it, and creates a unique heating schedule.

Aside from its ability to learn how you live, Nest offers full remote control via their app and connectivity to other smart gadgets including the Nest Protect smoke alarm and Nest cam.

Nest automatically turns itself down when nobody’s home to help you save energy and depending on the type of boiler you have it can now control the hot water as well as the heating.

We are a Nest accredited installer.

Worcester Bosch Wave

Worcester Bosch designed the Wave smart thermostat to work specifically with their Greenstar combi and system boilers which we at Seven Plumbing & Heating regularly fit.

The Wave thermostat replaces your existing wired model and can be paired with up to eight devices.

You get all the usual remote control and programmable timer options –  Wave learns and adapts to your favourite temperature settings as you’d expect – and if you do have a Worcester Bosch boiler, Wave will help it to run more efficiently.

Not only does it control room temperature but the thermostat also monitors the boiler’s performance based on weather and load compensation, which helps it to run more efficiently saving you more money.

We are a Worcester Bosch Wave accredited installer.

New brands and types of smart heating controls are continually entering the market, and we’d be happy to talk to you about which one would best suit your needs.

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