WIAPS Plumbing

Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme

Seven Plumbing & Heating is a Water Industry Approved Plumber in Altrincham. We are also an approved Watersafe contractor.

What does this mean?

It means that we are certified as being competent and holding the correct qualifications and insurances to help you deal with any water based issues or needs you have relating to your property.

We regularly install new water mains and offer a lead pipe replacement service.

When undertaking any work connected to the water supply, the householder is responsible for ensuring that the work done complies with Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. The regulations require that any risk of wasting water or contaminating water is minimised. 

Our accreditation as Water Industry Approved Plumbers means we will ensure any work carried out complies with the regulations. Importantly, our certifications also mean that you can save time as we can start work without notification or prior consent from your water supplier. On the day we install your new supply pipework to your boundary we are able to issue you with a certificate of work completed. This has been known to save weeks as there is no need to wait for an inspection by your water supplier. We are also able to back fill any trench dug to lay your new supply pipework causing you less disruption.

To talk to us about the installation of a new water main or lead pipe replacement, please contact us.

WaterSafe two spot ®

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